2012 Christmas Tour

Posted on January 20th, 2013

Becky, Charlie, Blue and the rest of the Puppet Company tell about their Christmas Tour.

It was last summer that Christmas started for us – some bright spark thought it would be great if we could start rehearsing!   It did seem strange singing “Deck the halls” when we had just got back from our summer holidays! 

Saxophone Solo

Casting is always a “performance” itself as all of us want the starring roles.  Our roadies help us work out who will fit best for each of the characters – a bit like the famous Hollywood directors.  Costumes, scenery and the props take a lot of time to prepare but our roadies need something to do, so we just let them get on with it whilst we learn our lines.  This was going to be the longest script that we would learn yet and we practised together a lot.  We learnt two songs and one of our roadies helped us by performing an air saxophone solo which Becky thought was hilarious.

After many rehearsals – the stage, props and costume box were all packed in the Puppets with Purpose tour “bus”.  Us puppets were all strapped in safely and, although feeling a little nervous, we were excited to get on stage to perform.  We were eager to share about Jesus’ birth and how He can make a difference in our lives.

The Christmas Tour started with a visit to Cross Links.  We love going to Cross Links because everyone joins in.  Charlie particularly likes going as he enjoys the tea and cakes!  (The way to a puppet’s heart is through his stomach, you know!)


We really enjoyed going to the Homestart group that meets in our Church.  We had to change the script for this one, as Becky had an audition for a professional theatre group but it was great that Charlie and Sam were able to carry on with the show!

The children were younger than our usual audience but they really enjoyed our singing.  Blue did a rocking performance of “Merry, Merry Christmas”!  It was good to tell the story of Christmas to the Children, Mums, Dads and Carers.

Our next Tour date was to a school in Bishops Stortford.  It was a bit nerve wracking, as we didn’t know anyone there.  Gloria was particularly nervous but with the help of us all, she got through it.  It was really good to tell the story of the birth of Jesus to the children and Blue remembers that the children read the Bible verses really well.

Guitar rock

As we got in the car to go to Stapleford School, we were excited to go and see our friends again, as we had been there in the summer.  The boys and girls at the school told some terrific jokes and they really made Sally giggle!  We think the performance went well and were so impressed that the children knew all the answers to the questions. They obviously have excellent teachers and are very intelligent.

The Sunday before Christmas was exciting as it was the final performance of the Christmas Tour.  We got to spend time with JC Kids in the hall while the adults were in Church.  There were some adults who told Charlie that they heard the children having fun whilst they were listening to the sermon – we thought that was funny!

To the stable

So our Christmas tour had come to an end just two days before Christmas Day.  It was tiring but good fun!  We enjoyed some time off over Christmas – we enjoyed opening our presents, enjoyed our Christmas dinner (including the Brussel Sprouts) and thought more about Jesus coming to be our Saviour.

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